We have been successful in bidding for Lottery funding to undertake a project entitled ‘A JOURNEY IN TIME’ (A History Of The Sight Impaired Community In Worthing)

The project will focus on researching the history of the sight-impaired community in Worthing since the turn of the Century. This research will include reference to the Society’s archives and oral history interviews with Members and supporters of the Society, together with other sight-impaired people living in the local community. We would also like to research the personal histories of one or two of our earliest members, using genealogical websites to find out more about their lives and what happened to them after they left Worthing or no longer needed the support of the Society.

We are interested in discovering how the Society has reacted to changing public perceptions of sight impaired people and to record how the Society evolved its policies and working methods in the light of legislative, financial and cultural changes over the years.

This record of struggle and achievement is important to document because it is about the power of both individual efforts and collective voluntary endeavour.

In summary, we want to record for posterity the changing experience of sight-impaired people over the decades. We know that the ability of sight-impaired people to become fully engaged members of society was far harder to achieve in the past than it is today. We believe that experience should be recorded and affirmed. The book will also serve as a lasting tribute to all of the Society’s Members, volunteers and staff – and to the local community for their financial support over the years.

Members and volunteers will have opportunities to get actively involved in the Project – including the following roles:
• Interviewee
• Interviewer
• Researcher
• Collecting/donating artefacts for a permanent display

More information is available at: