Sight Support Worthing formerly known as Worthing Society for the Blind is a registered charity that was first established in 1910 and is believed to be the oldest surviving independent charity in Worthing.

The objects of the charity are to promote the relief, general welfare, entertainment and provision of services, for persons who have sight impairment and are living within the boundaries of the Borough of Worthing. Membership of our charity is not restricted to those who have been registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired. We will welcome all those who have a register-able eye condition which cannot be successfully treated or corrected and will be glad to provide advice and support to anyone who is concerned about their vision.

Our Membership is at the heart of all that we do and with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we are able to meet our primary objective of offering our Members a flexible range of services. These currently include indoor and outdoor activities, a home visiting service, a one to one appointment service and a resource room with specialist equipment designed to enhance the daily lives of people with vision impairment.

Through membership of Sight Support Worthing we will encourage the development of independence, providing opportunities for people to feel less isolated and more confident.

If you know anyone who has vision impairment and might not be aware of our services, please pass our details or contact us directly. We will be pleased to talk to anyone who would like further information.

We send out over 350 monthly news updates in various formats; large print, CD and email for example.